The company has a well-documented history of growth, in prosperity and adversity. As a company being in continous growth limitied our clients possibility for long-term strategic planning. The organization, directives and goals all focused on solving short-term targets. As a result the management had problems leading the organization towards long-term goals.

Power to Grow process
Luminous established a team who reviewed the organization, customer journey, market and goals. A strategic plan was incorporated invluding short-term targets correlated with long-term growth. The project focused on the following three areas in order to achieve a successful results:

Targeting the right customers – The management were aware of that high growth does not last forever, thus, it was important to decentralize the sales task to the whole organization. By categorizing existing customer portfolio, we spread know-how about our clients target group and the needs they had. The insights resulted in new routines for both acquiring new customers and customer relationship routine. By homogenizing the customer portfolio, the company was able to allocate resources to process the right target audience thus, create more efficient sales efforts.

Short-term targets and long-term goals – a more focused approach was incorporated at both individual and managemnt level of the business operations. Company identity, beliefs, vision and conditions were luminated to create clarity.

Improved communication process– A clear internal communication process provided transfer of know-how within the organization. As a result, our client could now with ease provide the organization with a clear road-map displaying the long-term goals. This resulted in increased motivation and in motivation, a commitment was automatically developed, and more employees expressed their desire to take more responsibility. As a result, the performance at individuals and entire groups increased with increased profitability as an effect.

By acheiving the management’s vision that ”everyone” in the organization should contribute to sales Luminous ensured that specific goals and follow-up routines have been established. The sales department is still responsible for closing deals and ensuring that the deals are profitable. However, everyone in the organization now contribute in market activitites and are responsible for customer interactions. This has created a new drive within the organization and resulted in systematic growth.