Leading core-banking system provider increased their annual sales by 23% in 1 year

Our client operates in a very limited and highly competitive market. With few new finance companies entering the market each year and due to large costs and high-risk aversion, existing financial players choose to maintain existing systems to the greatest possible extent. As a result our client got owner directives to expand their business to the European market. Thus, our client were in need of a customer-oriented sales process with greater focus on acquiring new customers. Increased presence in the market and more efficient market activities were required to increase sales figures, both short term as well as long term.

Power to Grow
Luminous established a team to create a new sales process. Based on a thorough market and customer analysis Luminous helped create strategies for finding and acquire new customers but also develop existing. The team focused on three core areas in order to convert theory into practice as quickly as possible:

Customer-centric sales process increased market knowledge and creation of  a customer-centric market approach enabled our client on approaching the right target audience. The organization shifted focus product specifications and became a customer-centric organization with focus on solving their customers crucial needs.

Clear goals and goal-orientation establishment of critical targets with specified activities ensured that the entire organization were thriving towards a common goal.

Coordination of communication, sales and customer relationships Based on the target group and the displayed goals Luminous streamlined communicaion, sales and customer relationship processes and coordinated activites through an yearly activity plan. By establishing new internal communication channels our client simplified the transfer of know-how within the organization. By making the organization more aware of the common goals,  motivation and commitment levels increased. The organization began to take a greater responsibility and, thus, created more effective outbound marketing content that led to increased inbound marketing efforts.

Result of project
The management’s vision of a European expansion has begun and our client now has a clear strategy for how to take on the European market. With a new customer-centric sales process the company has gone from being a product-centic, introverted company, to being an extrovert, customer-centric and solution-oriented company. The organization is now better equipped for growth and the ”Power to Grow process” was implemented without neglecting profitability.