Our client operates on a market characterized by low growth and fierce competition. Due to procurement requirements, public schools has long lead times. For private schools the sales process is shorter until the decision to replace the administration system is made. Our client’s products are not part of the customer’s core business, rather it is supporting it, which affects the schools’ priority and needs. In order to gain market shares our client were in need of increasing their presences on the market. Due to largly limited resources our client needs to focus on both convincing and managing many potential customers at the same time. To do so our client were needed to know which customers they should focus on and how they should process the market most efficiently.

Power to Grow process

Through thorough analysis of target groups, competitors and customer behavior, the overall goals and objectives were reformulated, and new market processes were developed.

Review of targets and goals – based on new market insights, significantly more realistic goals were set that were also aligned with the company’s business model. Realistic and concrete goals increased motivation when efforts could easily be followed up and developed.

Target group analysis – by using the knowledge of which target group to prioritize our client’s customer portfolio began to homogenize and the revenue per customer increased. By targeting specific groups Luminous could ensure that our client always provided high value and could acquire more new customers than earlier.

Coordination of communication, sales and customer relationships – Our clients communications process was developed to enable higher presence on the market. Furthermore, it was linked more clearly to the company’s competitive advantages and reflected on our clients position on the market. An annual activity plan with prioritized communication, sales and customer realtionship activities was developed. By focusing on the customer journey resulted in resources being spent on the right activities that created value for both our client and their customers.

The company has gone from a product-centric organization to a client-centric organization, focusing on solving the target group’s challenges. With a clear strategy, our client now know which customers to prioritize and how to interact with each target group. All market activities are now based on a coordinated processes which simplifies the entire customer journey. With activities directed towards right target group’s our clients results increased and thus the motivation increased as well.