About Luminous

Business is made between people – not products

Luminous cooperates with companies who want to take their business to the next level. Together we invest in a journey towards success. Resulting in increased sales, loyal customers and a strengthened brand. Luminous actualizes business strategies and market activities required to achieve targets and deliver the tools needed to increase sales for both small and large companies. By shifting focus from the products to the customer needs, Luminous enables companies to become more competitive. By streamlining and coordinating communication, sales and customer relationship processes Luminous ensures your success.  We know this because it is people who make the difference, not products.

Business starts with sales

It all started over a cup of coffee – when a couple of friends met up and discussed an article that stated that every third young company is facing an too early death due to lack of market knowledge. After digging deeper into the subject we realized that all companies face this reality. How is it that only 30% of all companies have high-performing sales organizations? With more than a 100 years of combined experience from communication, sales and customer relationship, we felt that something had to be done. Success, growth, profitability all starts with sales. It is sales that drive business development. It is sales that drive organizational development. It is sales that drive communication development. Simply put all businesses starts with sales. As we shift focus from product specifications to customer needs, we change the way in which organizations interact with its market, competitors, customers and employees. Our model challenges previous business models and business structures. We believe in long-term relationships rather than short-term transactions. A model we have chosen to call Power to Grow ™.

Power to Grow™

Studies show that companies in steady growth are companies who survive in the long run. For all companies in growth, the challenge is to maintain and develop customers based on their unique needs. Luminous are specialists in mapping our client’s customer journeys and based on this create the conditions for powering growth. By streamlining and coordinating communcation, sales and customer relationships we help companies and organizations to sell more products, for more money to more customers. We manage, develop and coordinate the internal work so that business strategies are realized and converted into concrete operational action – simply put we create companies Power to Grow™.

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